Cincinnati Holiday Inn Express

$6,600,000 | Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Holiday Inn Express - Cincinnati, OH


Owner/operator group sought to cash-out equity through refinance of limited-service hotel in order to complete simultaneous acquisition.


  • 50-year old box was totally redeveloped but still located 25 minutes from major area demand drivers.

  • Heavy reliance on leisure groups and leisure/transient room nights.

  • Ongoing litigation between Borrower and contractor.

  • Rigid timeline due to closing requirements of new acquisition.


  • CHC created viable options that offered the Borrower certainty of execution on a rigid closing timetable.

  • CHC worked closely with every party to the transaction and ensured timelines and proceeds expectations were met.


CHC cashed-out the Borrower with a 10-year non-recourse loan at a sub-5% interest rate. The Borrower closed on its next acquisition mere days later.

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